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About Us

andyprofileShifu Andy

Shifu Andy started Chinese Gong Fu training in 1999 with Master Edward Digét at SOMA of Oxford Brookes University attaining his green sash. Through SOMA he met Shifu Zhe, the liaison for two Shaolin Monks who formed Shaolin Oxford. To this day he studies under Shifu Shi Heng Xuan, a 35th generation Shaolin Warrior. Andy has trained in the core preparation and foundation techniques that all disciples of the Shaolin Temple must master, as well as Long Fist, Mantis, Southern Fist, Broadsword, Wushu and San Da (Chinese Free-Fighting). Andy has also studied Chen Style Tai Ji with Grandmaster Gou Kong Jie.

Quoted from Shifu Andy:

“Martial arts is more than a series of learned movements. It is more about strength of heart than anything else. Search for improvement where-ever you can.”

zheprofileShifu Zhe (guest seminar instructor)

Shifu Zhe has competed in a variety of competitions, both national and international and holds a wide array of titles. He is best known for winning the Taiwan Full League tournament three years in a row. Specialising not only in traditional styles but also Sanda (full contact), Qin Na (joint locking) and modern competition routines, he teaches the application syllabus at the Amitoufu Oxford. Shifu Zhe holds both a Bachelor and Master degrees of science; he currently works fulltime in the technology industry and attributes much of his drive and energy to Chinese Wushu. The study of Wushu is not simply the science of fighting; rather it is a method of self-cultivation.

Quoted from Shifu Zhe:

“I show you, you forget, I explain to you, you remember, I involve you, you understand.”


xueprofileShifu Xue (guest seminar instructor)

Shifu Xue, brother of Zhe, started his training in 1993, gaining a wide experience in many other styles from different systems of fighting. He currently teaches traditional Tiger and self defence with strong emphasis on psychology, human body kinetics and anatomy, which are evident within the technical movements that he teaches for real life or street situations. In addition to teaching the Martial aspects, Xue also teaches Martial Balance, which is symbolised in the YingYang, entailing methods on controlling one’s mental and emotional state to become a better overall Martial Artist.

For enquiries regarding seminars, personal / private training or classes, do not hesitate to get in touch. For more information, check out Xue’s website: http://www.martialarts-oxford.co.uk.

Quoted from Shifu Xue:

“If you walk away from a situation that may elevate to a physical confrontation, you not only walk away the winner… you also walk away the bigger man. So who are you going to be?”